Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Run! Don't Walk!

Run! Well maybe just drive. It's time! I know, I know, it's July and we shouldn't even be talking about school supplies or getting organized, but we can't escape it. I LOVE school supplies, especially when they are on sale. All of the stores right now are rolling out supplies on the cheap.

These are a deal and super durable! 
Don't forget about the Dollar stores though. 
They often have unique storage solutions. 
Did you know you can even buy these in bulk online? 
Check out this link
 *not affiliated with Target Corporation

This pocket chart is $1.00!
So you may have to hunt for these deals;
you're not the only one shopping, but there are deals to find!


These pencils would be awesome in birthday bags!
They are only $5.00 for 48?! If you use a coupon they are even less. 
Click on the picture to view.  
 *not affiliated with Michaels

Check out this data binder bundle! It's for 1-5 grade and perfect for keeping kids organized and accountable for their work. 

Happy shopping and organizing!


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