Friday, October 22, 2021

Get Into Character Traits and Introducing the NEW Bubbleheads!

Have you started reading novels yet this year? Independent Reading? I am sure you have at this point in the year so I am putting up a list of books to help teach character traits, as well as my FREE writing Character Trait Prompts! I am also SUPER excited to debut my new Bubbleheads to get students engaged and excited about characters in their books! I would love to hear what books you would like to use these with, so leave a comment below or email me at

Here are some picture books I love that pair well with teaching character traits. These are a great introduction and would pair well with the Character Trait Dictionary below! Kids LOVE picture books at any age and it's a great way to teach skills to the whole class. 

My NEW Bubbleheads! Students write character traits and design their own head to go with the character in the story. And, the great thing is, this activity can be used with any Henry and Mudge book! Sweet! I am working on other books and characters so stay tuned! They come with a mini dictionary of character traits and pages to write supporting text.  
See a preview below!

Preview of the NEW Bubbleheads!

(Can also go with Escape Room HERE or watch a preview below)

Here is a Character Trait Dictionary to explore!

Check out this FREE  Character Traits Organizer to use with ANY Book! 
Let me know your favorite book for teaching character traits! Want to see more Bubbleheads?! Leave a comment below and tell me what character or book you want to see more of!


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